Cricket strikes a ‘conspiracy’: Bangladesh Cricket Board

Photo: BBC

The Bangladesh Cricket Board suspected players of a “conspiracy” to sabotage cricket in the country by initiating a strike.

Star players including Test captain Shakib Al Hasan reported on Monday that they will forfeit any cricket activity until 11 demands are met.

The players are demanding for better salary, improved playing facilities, and amendments to domestic one-day tournaments.

The BCB hammered the players after an emergency directors meeting on Tuesday.

“If they don’t want to play, they won’t,” said BCB president Nazmul Hassan.

“What will you gain if you don’t play? I don’t understand why you have to stop playing for the demands,” he added.

In line with this, Bangladesh’s two-match test tour in India on November is on the edge if the fuss cannot be solved in time.

The players’ strike incorporates the ongoing National Cricket League first-class tournament, with the next round starting on Thursday.

When the demands are met, normal service will resume,” according to star all-rounder Shakib.

“All of us want cricket to improve. Some of us will play for another 10 years, some for four-five years, but we want to create a good environment for the players who will come after us, so Bangladesh cricket can move forward,” the Bangaladesh Twenty20 added.

The players are demanding the salaries for first-class players to be raised to 100,000 Bangladeshi Taka per match, an increase of 300%.

Lastly, the players demanded an increment for groudsmen, coaches, umpires, physiosm and trainers. The players also want to improve training and playing facilities and equipment throughout the country.