Chefs mentor Kids on International Chefs Day: ‘How Healthy Food Works’

by John Carlo Bogayan


The World Association of Chefs Societies in partnership with Nestlé Professional gathered on International Chefs day on October 20 to promote proper eating for children all over the world.

Cooking and educational activities were held at the International Centre for Culinary Arts Dubai – ICCA. This event teaches children to cook specific food and their specific benefits.

“Our theme this year is How Healthy Food Works. We want to show how food affects our body internally, building on the themes of the last two years – Healthy Foods for Growing up and Healthy Foods for Heroes – and going into more depth on different foods and why our bodies need them,” said International Chefs Day Chair, Chef Joanna Ochniak.

The eight fruits and vegetables selected as main ingredients are apples and oranges for vitamin C; bananas for minerals that include manganese; broccoli for the fiber that helps with digestion; carrots and spinach for clear vision; cucumbers for hydration; and mangoes for better muscle function.

“We are very proud to be partnering with World Chefs in bringing the message of healthy eating to children around the world,” said Roger Frei, Business Executive Officer at Nestlé Professional, Middle East & North Africa.

Moreover, Frei said that they aim to increase awareness of the importance and increasingly vital role that cooking plays in providing healthier meals to children, helping them to eat better, firmly establishing healthy food habits and diets as they grow up.

Other events in the Middle East are planned to include over four hundred kids in similar sessions in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Tunisia.