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Subtle,Unforgettable things do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for its cinematic and picturesque sceneries that is why it is called the skyscraper city of the world. For tourists,...

Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

No man is an island. No matter how reserved we are, we can never escape the need to communicate well with others. In fact,...

William Saunders and Jane Ryan’s expedition with the Philippine Money

William Saunders and Jane Ryan are the names used by Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos to open a Swiss bank account. In December 31, 1966,...

Do Yourself a Favor, Get a Pet

You might wonder why? Why bother getting a pet in this day and age where most of us are just drowning in a pile...

Benefits of Building a Routine

We all live our busy lives each day and before we know it, we even have more and more that’s piled up in our...

How Hobbies Can Help Improve Your Career

All work and no fun? That for sure is a sure-fire formula for burnout in your career. Work-life balance is essential in keeping our...
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On K-pop: Breaking boundaries, uniting cultures

Korean pop music or K-pop is undoubtedly in every radio spin, television and social media. Korea takes pride in it, Asia is flourishing with...

Start saving early with National Bonds

World Savings Day is coming. This is celebrated all over the world to promote the habit of being thrifty, saving and its importance and...
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Keeping Connections Strong in a Long Distance Relationship.

Keeping the boat afloat and steady in a romantic relationship is tough job in its own, and those who are about to go long-distance...

Pinay Architect shines in the UAE

Among the 14 categories, only one Pinay made it to the list. Arch. Christine Espinosa-Erlanda is nominated for the Architect of the...
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