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How much it cost to witness the beauty of Georgia?

Wondering what it cost to travel Georgia? This is how much we spent traveling in this awesome country. The four of us went on...

Adjusting to a New Workplace

Congratulations! You’ve succeeded and finally managed to snag that new job that you’ve been waiting for but before you even start, another...
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Keeping Connections Strong in a Long Distance Relationship.

Keeping the boat afloat and steady in a romantic relationship is tough job in its own, and those who are about to go long-distance...

Ask Atty. Barney: On bouncing cheques, importance of will, and resignation during probation

Payment of bounced cheques fine will not erase a debt Atty. Barney, my bank filed a bouncing cheque case against me. The amount of the cheque that bounced was...

Going Home For The Holidays? Here Are 5 Holiday Activities That Are Perfect For...

Christmas is indeed the “most wonderful time of the year.” Especially if you’re going home for the holidays after spending a few years away...
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Subtle,Unforgettable things do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for its cinematic and picturesque sceneries that is why it is called the skyscraper city of the world. For tourists,...
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On K-pop: Breaking boundaries, uniting cultures

Korean pop music or K-pop is undoubtedly in every radio spin, television and social media. Korea takes pride in it, Asia is flourishing with...

Ask Atty. Barney: Recognition of divorce decree in the Philippines

Recognition of divorce decree in the Philippines Atty. Barney, I am a Filipina and was married to a British citizen. After 5 years of being...

Benefits of Building a Routine

We all live our busy lives each day and before we know it, we even have more and more that’s piled up in our...

Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

No man is an island. No matter how reserved we are, we can never escape the need to communicate well with others. In fact,...
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