Bolivian President resigns after accusations of election fraud


Bolivian President Evo Morales stepped down on Sunday following last month’s election result to be invalid due to “serious irregularities” founded by international audit.

Morales said the reason behind was “for the good of the country”, which was flooded by protesters for days after the October 20 election. The mishap caused three deaths and injured hundreds of people.

Speaking on national television, Morales said “I regret this deeply.” He also added that he will send his letter of resignation to the Congress immediately.

Furthermore, the resigned president insisted that he do not plan to leave the county, “I don’t need to escape. I want the people of Bolivia to know that I have not robbed anyone, nothing. If someone thinks we are stealing, then tell me. Present the proof.”

Bolivian opposition accused electoral authorities in manipulating the vote count in favor of Morales, but the socialist leader denied allegations and declared himself the winner.

The 14-year president started his stint by promising a government that would focus on the needs of the poor.

Protesters celebrated across the country as soon as Morales’ resignation spread.