Benefits of Building a Routine

by Noreen Arzadon

Photo: @goumbik

We all live our busy lives each day and before we know it, we even have more and more that’s piled up in our to-do-lists than we may think we can ever accomplish.

More often than not, we overlook the convenience of building a routine as some may think that by just merely having a routine is boring and  some would just rather go with the flow and base their schedules on how they feel during the day.

We may not realize it but having a basic daily routine may also pose quite a number of benefits as we try to ace up our daily life game.

Having a routine provides structure and it serves as some sort of guide for us on the milieu of things that we need to accomplish. When there is predictability and once we familiarize ourselves with the basic things that we need to do each day, we can now prioritize within our list of tasks.

Having a routine also saves us time since we no longer idle around trying to think of all the things that we need to accomplish. It also aids in helping us be more efficient and productive with our work and enable us to spend more time to do other things that we enjoy.

Having a routine alleviates our stress level as we tend to be a lot more prepared since we sort of have an overview of the things that we need to do, thus making the process more comfortable and less stressful for us. Take for an example the feeling of restlessness when you’re just plainly overwhelmed with all of your tasks and instead of having the presence of mind to at least tick off one from the list, you end up doing nothing because you have no basic routine to follow.

 At the end of the day, having set aside a routine may aid in bringing comfort to our lives. However, we must bear in mind that routines only serve as a flexible guide and not as rules or sets of standards that cannot be bent nor modified.