Angara passes bill legalizing motorcycle for hire

Photo: Yahoo News Philippines

Senator Sonny Angara fled a bill allowing motorcycles to be used as commercial vehicle to transport passengers and goods.

The Senate Bill 1025, seeks to amend the Land Transportation and Traffic Code to allow motorcycles to be registered with the Land Transportation as “for hire.”

He insisted that the Metro’s traffic is getting worse day by day with the mass transit continuingly breaking down and commuters resort to motorcycle for hire or “habal-habal” to get to their destinations.

“However, technically, the increasingly-popular mode of transport is still considered illegal under the Land Transportation and Traffic Code, which covers the registration and operation of all motor vehicles in the country,” he said.

Angara used Angkas as an example it was allowed to operate for six months staring last June as part of the pilot-run of “motorcycle taxis.”

“Commuting in Metro Manila has become very challenging. A typical commuter has to allocate at least two hours to get to work or school and that is if their regular modes of transport are available. What if the MRT breaks down? Kulang pa ang 2 oras mo sa byahe,” he said.

“Tulad nitong nangyari sa LRT-2 na nasunog. Libo libong Pilipino ang naperwisyo nito at karamihan sa kanila ay habal na ang sinasakyan para mas mabilis makarating sa destinasyon nila at mas mura din ito kumpara sa Grab,” he added.

Under Senate Bill 1025, in order to be legally transporting passengers, a motorcycle must have a minimum engine displacement of 125 cubic centimeters and a backbone-type built.

“However, individuals and even unaccredited transport groups, continue to utilize motorcycles for public transport despite explicit prohibition of such operation under the same law,” Angara said

The LTO will be asked to ensure road readiness of motorcycles for hire before they are registered.

To further promote safety, no modifications on the motorcycle will be allowed.