AlMansoori learns mechanisms of action in astronaut’s motor activity at ISS

by John Carlo Bogayan

Hazzaa AlMansoori hosted an Emirati night with other astronauts aboard ISS

On his sixth day aboard the International Space Station (ISS), Hazzaa AlMansoori, the first Emirati astronaut began his day by informing the ground team on his daily schedule.

Then, Almansoori conducted an experiment to study the mechanisms of action and effectiveness of countermeasures against disturbances in the astronaut’s motor activity under space flight conditions.

A video call conference between AlMansoori, the students, and the media personnel took place where the audience were given the opportunity to ask questions about AlMansoori’s space venture.

HE Shamma Al Mazrui, attended the said event and asked AlMansoori to spare few words for aspiring youths who dreams to travel the space.

In a short yet inspiring message, AlMansoori said, “Anyone in the UAE is lucky, and Emiratis are lucky, because we have leaders who have given us all the tools for success. To the youth of the UAE and the Arab region, I say, hope exists, and we at the United Arab Emirates have opportunities in all fields, but we must work with dedication and depend on Allah, while having a strong willpower. This is what we learn from our leaders; that there is no impossible, and that you will achieve your goals if you work hard enough. I thank Allah for my country, the United Arab Emirates”.

AlMansoori shared the students that his favorite experiment was using Virtual Reality in studying time perception.

With his final two days aboard ISS, AlMansoori said that the first thing he will do once he’s back to Earth is tell his mother that he has returned safely.