AlMansoori Interacts with Students aboard ISS

by John Carlo Bogayan


The usual day for the Emirati astronaut, Hazzaa AlMansoori began by communicating with Mohammed bin Rashed Space Centre (MBRSC) teams at the ground stations in Moscow and in Dubai informing them of his plans for the day.

On Monday, MBRSC orchestrated two video calls between AlMansoori, the students, and the public. With the assistance by Japan Aerospace Exploration (JAXA), Hazzaa showed the students how the JEM Camera Robot (Int-Ball) works. Moreover, students were given the opportunity to interact with AlMansoori by guessing how to JEM Camera Robot (Int-Ball). With the help of HE Khaled Omran Al Ameri, UAE Ambassador to Japan, Emirati students from Japan also attended the said conference call.

Meanwhile, the second conference call was with the students in Russia. Curiosity was all over the room as they ask the Emirati astronaut, “What is the most beautiful thing in the station?” Almansoori answered gracefully,“The most beautiful thing in the station is microgravity; watch how ‘Suhail’ – the mission mascot– is floating, and watch how I drink water,”

Other students asked what changed in his body during the trip, AlMansoori said that “Many changes happened in my body, the size of my head grew bigger because of the rush of fluids upward, and my sense of smell also changed. However, I began to adapt and get used to it after some time,”

Hazzaa AlMansoori visited all the departments at the ISS. He is looking forward to share the first video at the station in Arabic.