All the Ways You Can Stay Productive While Stuck in Traffic

by Ayn Lopez

Photo: @nabeelsyed

It’s undeniable that Manila traffic is getting worse by the day.

As of 2018, it has been reported that we are losing at least P3.5 billion a day due to the congestion, which can go up to P5.4 billion per day by 2035. Despite this, there are still ways to keep yourself productive while on the road.

Plan your day.

Instead of sulking over the lost time in traffic, why not use it to start planning ahead? List down  the things that you need to accomplish during the day and start planning how you can get things done efficiently.

Get moving.

While the cars around you are not moving, you can actually use that time to get moving with some simple stretches that you can do while sitting down or even standing (hello, bus and MRT peeps!). Trust me, your muscles will thank you later.

Fuel your brain.

You can also use the time to get your creative juices flowing. Pick up a new book. Listen to new music and podcasts. Download apps that can get your thinking going – there are few coloring and mind game apps that can also keep you entertained through that hellish ride to work. Add in a few bucks and you can also enjoy Netflix to catch up on those series that intrigues you.

Start planning a trip.

While you have the time, why not use it to get started on planning that trip that you’ve been putting off? With all the struggles that you go through from just getting to work alone, you sure deserve a weekend away from all the chaos. Go ahead and use this time in traffic to look out for seat sales, book that room and prepare for an exciting weekend ahead.


While the traffic can really cause you to be at your wits’ end, you can also use that time to relax and prepare yourself for even bigger challenges at work.