Alberto Fernández victorious in Presidential race in Argentina

Photo: Reuters

Presidential candidate Fernández secured the win after gathering 45% of the votes, beating conservative incumbent Mauricio Macri.

Raucous crowds rushed to Fernández’s election headquarters to celebrate the victory.

Amidst the economic crisis in the country, the vote pushed through, that left a third Argentina’s population suffering in poverty.

Macri already trailed behind his opponent in pre-election polls and was defeated by the opposition in the primary elections in August.

After which, Marci conceded defeat on Sunday night and immediately congratulated his political rival. He said that he invited Fernández to the presidential palace to discuss an orderly transition.

In line with this, the upcoming president told supporters that he would cooperate with Macri “in every way we can”, Reuters reported.

Lastly, with more than 90% of ballots verified, Fernández earned 47.79%, while Marci had 40.71%.