Adjusting to a New Workplace

by Noreen Arzadon


Congratulations! You’ve succeeded and finally managed to snag that new job that you’ve been waiting for but before you even start, another set of problems arise which all boils down on how you’ll be adjusting to your new workplace. New beginnings will always be daunting but here are a few tips to help you make your entry to your new work environment easier.

Come in prepared and ready to give your best foot forward. Whether it be a new job in a similar industry or a totally different one, you should make sure that you show up on time and come in comfortably well-dressed to work. Be ready to give a good impression to the new people around you by introducing yourself well and by showing enthusiasm to your new colleagues. 

Pay attention to the new workplace culture. Be a keen observer on how they work and how they relate with each other in your new job and do take notes. Try to establish good rapport with your colleagues by engaging in meaningful conversations and finding similar personal interests. Be wary of workplace cliques and avoid unnecessary gossips.

When in doubt, ask. Try to establish an open and good communication with your superior and colleagues right at the very beginning. Make sure you understand your new job well and know what is expected from you. Never assume and when in doubt, seek advice and consult your superior. 

Learn things well at your own pace. Of course, it would be beneficial for you to learn and grasp things fast in your new workplace. The problem is when you force and rush yourself to absorb everything and end up being burned out early on your new job. You should keep in mind to learn things slowly but surely and also enjoy the process of learning.Be open to change. Entering a new workplace is bound to be different from your previous one, no matter how much you really prepare yourself for it. As long as you have an open mind, you’ll be fine in adjusting gradually. Use this opportunity for you to absorb new techniques, approach and style that might work better than what you’ve already learned from your earlier jobs.