$286 million bonus for Huawei employees for fixing U.S curb

Photo Credits: Aly Song/ Reuters

Huawei, a Chinese telecom giant, said on Tuesday it will give 2 billion yuan ($286 million) in cash rewards to its staff who helped to stabilize sales amid U.S trade blacklisting.

The company said it is looking for alternatives to US hardware following the total ban in May, restricting American firms to do business with the company.

The incentive is a mark of commendation of work amidst the U.S. pressure, according to Huawei’s human resources department. Not just the incentive, Huawei will also double the salary of almost 190,000 workers this month, a company spokesman said.

The spokesman explained that the cash rewards will more likely go to research and development teams and those who contributed to shift the company’s supply chains away from the United States.

Several US government officials suspected that Huawei’s equipment, particularly its 5G networks, can give rise to security risk, because of allegations that the company has close ties with the Chinese government. Although Huawei denied that Chinese government have any role in their operations.

The company sold more than 200 million smartphones bringing them to be the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer.