Norma Acquio Moralde

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Norma Acquio Moralde

– The Boholana beauty

Age: 45

Height: 5’1″

Current Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Philippine Hometown: Garcia, Hernandez, Bohol

Hobbies:  Dancing and singing

Job: Household Worker

Meet our Branded Pinoy of the Week Norma, a Boholana beauty titlist. She is a proud housemaid who always carries her confidence and beauty inside and out. She is a beauty titlist holding two crowns simultaneously for the same year, Miss KKB 2015 and Miss Supermom 2015. Her beauty is typically Filipina. Her unique disposition and good characters make her a stand out from others. The best thing about her is that she values her relationships with her friends and her family.

What’s inside your bag?

For me, simple life will have less complications, I am one of those simple women around who carries simple things inside my bag. I always bring my lip gloss, face powder, lipstick, ballpen and most importantly my wallet which contains my important IDs.


What electronic gadgets are you currently using?

Gadgets for me is important but not a must. I am just using a simple phone that I can use to go online and connect with family and friends.  

What’s inside your closet?

My closet is so simple yet complete from basic clothing to formal occasions, pair or stilettos shoes and my bag collections. The most important thing in my closet are my personal documents.


What is your style of clothing?

I can call myself a lady girl type. I like casual dress, I also have pairs of jeans. I’m more on casual and formal. I always want to look presentable in casual attire.


What clothing brands do you think closely fit your sense of fashion?

I love H&M, and Forever 21, they have a variety of clothing lines, fashion statement thing.  Prices are affordable and the quality is superb.


What is your favorite perfume?

First and foremost we Filipinos are really good in terms of hygiene, perfume is just secondary in our list. But then I love the scent of Hugo Boss natural spray.

What is your favorite brand of shoes?

I don’t have a specific brand for shoes, so long as I am comfortable with it, and it will last longer, I love to mix and match with my clothes.  

Are you a shopaholic?

My answer is absolutely a big no. I am a mother, a family woman, I learned from my parents to be smart when it comes to spending money. Save for the future. 


What inspires or influences you to buy an item?

I always have this in mind, if you don’t really need it, leave it. If you badly need it, buy it. I always put on top of my head my family first, their needs before I spend a single penny. If the items is expensive yet we really need it then I go for it.

What brands do you trust for your skin care?

My skin is not really that sensitive, I just simply use facial cleanser, toner, ordinary soap and shampoo. Taking good care of our skin is just simple, just make our body healthy, I always make sure to have my supplement Intra for I believe that to be able to have a fair skin, we need to eat proper, healthy food plus drink lots of water rather than soda.

What is a Branded Pinoy for you? 

Branded Pinoy for me does not mean living in a very high standard kind of lifestyle, especially when we talk about the material things. I can personally say that being a Branded Pinoy means someone who is generous enough to share time with others for a good cause like, spending time for various Filipino community activities.  An individual who values his/her family and the hard-earned money. Branded Pinoy should be strong enough to face trials and obstacles that come along the way, which I believed we Filipinos are proud of. 

By: Ed Ibanez


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