BRANDED PINOYKieth Walter Ayuso

– 1st Filipino Philosopher    Blogger in the UAE

Age: 29

Height: 5’6”

Current Location: Dubai

Philippine Hometown: Binan, Laguna

Hobbies: Photography and blogging

Job: HR Officer

Company: Emaar Hospitality Group

Affiliations: United Hoteliers of the Philippines, UAE Photography Community, UAE Rushers

Our Branded Pinoy for this week is a blogger based in Dubai. Meet Kieth who blogs about Philosophy and about life in general.

What’s inside your bag?

I rarely use a bag, but when I do, absolutely it contains my wallet, my iPod and earphones, my powerbank, extra wrist strap of the Apple watch and extra memory cards.

What electronic gadget are you currently using?

I’m a solid Apple user, from iPhone 7 plus, to Apple watch, to iPod Classic, to iPad Nano and MacBook. I also have the Apple TV. I’m a photography enthusiast thus I do have various photography materials particularly Fujifilm products.

What’s inside your closet?

Mostly corporate attire such as long sleeves, coat, pants, casual shirts and the like. Not to mention I do have about 50 neckties since I wear them every day at work.

What is your style of clothing?

Formal and smart casual. Since my work requires me to be formal all these years – I have been dressing formal and smart casual all the time. Polo, pants, shorts, sneakers and even leather shoes. I love all sorts of leather by the way. I’m comfortable wearing a formal and clean looking combination. I’m a simple person.

What is your favorite perfume?

Armani Exchange. It has a formal scent as well which completes the package.

What is your favorite brand of shoes?

For formal footwear it has to be Clarks, Debenhams and Hush Puppies. They’re very stylish and go well with my suits. For a casual look, Adidas, K-Swiss, Nike and Vans. You’ll see me using white kicks most of the time. I have a thing with white shoes. Clean – it goes well with everything.

Are you a shopaholic?

I’m a practical shopper, I don’t shop unless it’s super sale or at least discounted. I rarely buy an item at its original price. I don’t mind waiting until it’s on sale. I am always practical.

What inspires or influences you to buy an item?

Nothing much. I buy an item if I really need it or if I will use it for the long term. I don’t buy the same items for the same reason, not unless I collect them such as toy cars or anything related to the Apple products and camera accessories. I don’t buy an item which I know will not be of any use or just because it’s trendy.

What brands do you trust for your skin care?

Nivea Men for face and Jergens for the body. I maintained these two brands because I have very sensitive skin.

What is a Branded Pinoy for you? 

Branded Pinoy does not mean you have be on top of the game when it comes to the product you use or items you keep. It’s not about the brand, it’s how will you present yourself. As long as you’re practical on what you buy and what you invest – you’re on top of your personal brand. You may have the most expensive items but you suffer with your monthly resources and finding it hard to manage your financial obligations then you’re not keeping with your standards. Live within your means and with a healthy lifestyle! Invest wisely and keep your standards close to your values and orientation. It’s not bad to invest on things when you can actually afford it, but invest on things only when you have extra resources. You should brand yourself well in such a way that you don’t compromise your standards. I’m a branded Pinoy and I’m living a healthy and practical lifestyle!


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