Julie Ann Ledesma

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BRANDED PINOYJulie Ann Ledesma

Age: 30

Height: 5’3”

Current Location: Dubai

Philippine Hometown: Iloilo City

Hobbies:  Basketball, billiards, and swimming

Job: Sales Assistant

Company:  Grand Optics

Affiliation: FUGs Unity (Filipino Unity Group)

The taste of fashion does not depend on the amount of  money inside your pocket but  it is one’s  ability to enhance it. Our Branded Pinoy of the Week Julie believes that the color of your clothes of what you are wearing mirror your personality. She loves to go outside and hang out with family and friends.

What’s inside your bag?

Even if I will go outside for just few hours, I always bring my bag along with my important stuff such as the basic things that most women carry like wallet, make up, shades and sometimes I carry some snacks like chips or biscuits to ease my hunger.


What electronic gadgets are you currently using?

I’m a bit picky when it comes to mobile phones. I always choose phones with the good quality with specs that can provide all my needs as a mobile user. I am currently using Samsung Note 3 for almost 2 years now and I love it.


What’s inside your closet?

A girl’s closet is really crazy! As for me, I have my bags, clothes of course, my collection of watches, shoes, and hair dryer.


What is your style of clothing?

My kind of clothing is based on what kind of occasion or event that I should attend. But most of the time, I wear rugged jeans and T-shirts. But, when it comes to special occasions such as events or parties, I either dress up in a casual or formal wear.


What clothing brands do you think closely fit your sense of fashion?

I don’t really have a particular brand that I stick to. Although I always consider the quality and the price, but I have collected clothes from La Senza, Bershka, Forever 21, Pink.


What is your favorite perfume?

I believe that your choice of perfume depends on your personality. So far I have three favorite perfume brands, Chance by Chanel, Gucci and Hugo Boss.


What is your favorite brand of shoes?

I love sneakers like Converse, they are so durable and comfortable to use. I wear shoes made from Converse every time I go out and hang out with my family and friends. I do have a few collections of Adidas and Nike as well.  The rest of my shoes are formal and casual shoes like flatted shoes and heels for certain occasions/events.


Are you a shopaholic?

I am not a shopaholic. I just buy things when I need them. Being practical is basically the first attitude that we must practice as an OFW.


What inspires or influences you to buy an item?

Frankly speaking, what influences me is my budget and the quality of the items. What I normally do every month, I always keep my saving first and allocations before jumping to my extra expenses such as personal use and gadgets.


What brands do you trust for your skin care?

For my skin care, I would generously like to share how I take care of my skin. As for lotion, I use a mix of “Musk” by Alicia and Collagen that will make your skin tone look brighter and younger.


What is a Branded Pinoy for you? 

Branded Pinoy is not literally about ‘Brands’. It is how we are being recognized, and how we can be able to touch the lives of others regardless of differences. Filipinos are known to be obedient as we always show respect to younger or elder ones, regardless of nationality. We always wear our smile and live a very simple life.  As an individual, we must act accordingly. [One] that conforms [with] our values and culture we have inherited from our forefathers.



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