Filipinos in ME react to new Nokia 3310


Nostalgia over Nokia 3310 hype

DUBAI – As Nokia released its new mobile phone lines this year, Filipinos all over the world reacted with excitement upon seeing the all new Nokia 3310.

TECHNOLOGY - FILIPINOSNokia 3310 was launched together with three Android-powered Nokia mobile phones – Nokia 6, Nokia 5, and Nokia 3.

Officially launched in the Middle East on Wednesday, June 14, Filipinos in the region expressed emotions to see the popular Nokia 3310 once again.

Speaking to Kabayan Weekly, Arch. Nonieto B. Consul said that he was happy with the new version of the once popular phone.

The 56-year-old Senior Architect mentioned that he had been a loyal customer of Nokia since 1989.

“My first phone in 1989 was Nokia 2210,” the Filipino said, noting that he traveled to the Middle East with the old Nokia 3310 back in 2006.

Consul stated that he had been very impressed with Nokia phones and even bought a Windows-powered Nokia phone.

When asked if he would buy any of the Android-powered Nokia phones, he immediately said yes. He was already impressed with their predecessors, Symbian or Windows powered. However, not everyone fell in love with the new Nokia 3310.

“This is a good phone for parents who wants to punish their kids. You can’t connect to WiFi,” said 17-year old, Myka Burlaza.

She mentioned that not being able to access social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat would be a struggle for most people her age.

Burlaza, however, stated that she did enjoy the popular game, Snakes, in it.

The new Nokia 3310 is now available in the Middle Eastern market. According to Nokia, the revived mobile phone will be priced at AED 199 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


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