Experts: Check tires as summer heats up UAE

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DUBAI – Experts in the country are urging motorists to get their tires checked particularly with the high temperatures in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this summer.

Nasser Al Serkal, the official distributor of Tires and Accessories from Bridgestone Middle East and Africa (MEA), together with Autopro launched a free tire check service for UAE motorists to keep safe as the thermometer is expected to reach records highs.

LOCAL EXPERTS“Tire safety is a major issue here in the Emirates, given the extreme climatic conditions which degrade tires much quicker than in other parts of the world with less harsh climates,” Adel Boutros, Nasser Al Serkal’s general manager said.

Now, motorists who send their cars for a car wash in Autopro between 4 pm and 9 pm at ENOC service stations in Dubai Media City, Ibn Battuta, and Meadows, may receive free tire check-up. The service is available until July 27.

An estimate of five percent of the fatalities on UAE roads is linked to faulty or poorly maintained tires. Motorists tend to purchase their tires based on costs and not on quality.

“In offering this free safety check we will not distinguish between Bridgestone and non-Bridgestone products, we’ll check everyone’s tires, no matter what the brand. This initiative is about safety as we move into the hot season. High temperatures put extra strain on tires and the checkup will reveal potentially dangerous any issues, including under inflation, cracks or exceeded expiry dates which could lead to catastrophic failures in the form of a high-speed blowouts,” he added.

There are three grades of tires in the market – A, B and C. A grade is considered as the best to cope extreme heat such as the conditions in the UAE. The B grade is intermediate while C is deemed as acceptable.

“It is highly advisable to fit A grade tires from a reputable dealer,” Bridgestone MEA’s General Manager – Marketing, Berna Akinci, said.

Aside from the tire grade which is characterized by the amount of pressure it can handle, tire pressure and checking the thickness of the tire are also important.

“Additionally, tire pressure should be checked on a monthly basis given that air pressure reduces naturally. Tread wear also needs to be checked regularly due to the grave danger posed by worn out treads. Any tire that is near or below the legal minimum tread should be replaced without delay,” he added.


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