Dubai Derma showcases latest tech, skin care products


DUBAI – Companies from across the globe gathered at the World Trade Center last week to showcase their up-to-date technologies, latest skin care products and advanced equipment in the field of dermatology, and laser and plastic surgery for the annual Dubai Derma exhibition.

Among of the products was the Chinese developed Microneedle. This small patch is composed of tiny needle-like bristles that help the delivery of various cosmetic ingredients into the deep skin. According to the manufacturer, it feels better using this than using creams.

Apart from this, there was an equipment from The Netherlands called Observ 520 that can “accurately” diagnose conditions beneath the skin surface. This device can provide one with a targeted visual advice in an objective and conveying way.

During the exhibition last week, a series of conferences was also included where experts talked about new skin diseases, pathogens, new diagnoses and treatments.

Other international speakers focused on treating the changes that occur on the skin because aging, hair loss, skin cancer as well as esthetics and cosmetic dermatology.

“Dubai Derma exhibition fills the gap between theory and practice. On one hand, companies display cutting edge technologies and medical devices, and on the other hand participants get the chance to learn about these technologies and apply the theories they get from the parallel conference, all for the goal of a better medical service,” Ibrahim Galadari, professor of Dermatology at the UAE University, and conference chairman of Dubai Derma, said in a statement.


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