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Abu Dhabi — Listening to testimonies and inspirational talks at a recognition program is a common expectation of attendees and awardees but for the delegates to The Global Pinoy Academy’s (TGPA) commencement ceremony, words uttered by speakers brought them enlightenment, hope and the belief that they can change the world.

FIL EXPAT - DON'T STOPThe all-in-one affair held at the City Seasons Hotel in Abu Dhabi was TGPA’s first anniversary and thanksgiving packed with the recognition of 110 graduates of different short courses and served as a reunion of trainers/instructors and friends.

The founder, Howell Perez, looked back at the humble beginnings of the school and his amazing experiences along his journey of fulfilling his dreams for Filipinos. Through all the way to success came hardships and challenges, which make him stronger and more determined to believe that he can make things happen.

“Looking back at the time, running a training institute as a business was a crazy idea,” Howell exclaimed referring to the difficulty of getting people, instructors and partners to support him.

“But there were some who showed their hearts and dedication that made TGPA exist up to the present,” he said and recalled that since opening its doors last year saw a massive enrolment of Filipinos registering in various short courses held mostly Fridays and evenings.

The year was not easy. There were moments he would like to give up but he had thought that quitting is never an option.

“And now after a year, wow! Today is not only a recognition for finishing courses for 12 weeks but also a thanksgiving to God that we are able to survive.”

He concluded his talk by sharing some lines from a song by Journey, ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ as his words continued with keeping faith in themselves and always believe that there are people out there who would lend a helping hand when difficult circumstances come.

One of the speakers at the event, The Filipino Achievers Organization founder Deborah Gay Dayrit Smith had a similar tone of speech putting a stress on how powerful a man’s brain is that it can control the body.

“What you believe will happen, will happen. What the brain commands, the body does,” she said. She shared true stories of successful Filipinos, inventors and scientists who fought for their belief that changed the world.

Relating it to purpose of the event, she said: “The decision to take a course is on the way to proving that you can do something for yourself and believing that you can change the world.”

As for Redemtor Jimeno, CEO at Nightingale Group, his own life story taught him lessons and he coined this statement: “Keep improving yourself, study, pray and be determined, that you are not losing hope. You just have to keep on keeping on going whatever the circumstance and the obstacles.”

He added, “You don’t stop and don’t let anyone belittle you, may be one day you will find yourself a CEO of your own company.”

The program highlighted the recognition and giving of certificates of completion for the 110 graduates of various courses for Term 1 of 2017 in Cosmetology: Haircutting, Hairstyling and Make-up, Massage Therapy, Adult Caregiving, AutoCAD, MS Excel, REVIT Architecture, The Good Secretary, Accounting for Non-accountants, Fundamentals of Photography, Fundamentals of Procurement, and Adobe Photoshop.

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