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DUBAI – A number of Filipinos hailing from Davao have joined together to officially launch Davaoenos in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) organization.

Spearheaded by Jasmin Lea Matiga, president of the group, she shared that combining forces with the other Davaoenos in the country had always been her vision for many years.

FIL EXPAT - DAVAOENOSShe decided to act on it this year after being inspired by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, who also hailed from Davao City, Philippines.

“Our President has always urged all of us to be united regardless wherever we may be,” she said on Thursday, July 13.

Held at The Laugh Factory in Deira, the Filipina announced that Davaoenos have been officially legitimized as a Filipino organization under the Philippine Consul General (PCG) in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

“It is with my great pleasure and humility serving the ‘Davaoenos-UAE’ family. I would like to express my sincere gratefulness for the unselfish dedication, full support and active cooperation from our Officers, Board of Trustees, Committees, and members,” Matiga said.


The officers:

President: Jasmin Lea Matiga

Vice President: Catherine M. Cabanban

Secretary: Maricar N. Cabanban

Assistant Secretary: Janneth A. Mauricio

Treasurer: Jealyn Raz Bangcona

Auditor: Vivelyn P. Ruelo

Public Relations Officer: Sharon L. Embudo

Sgt. and Arms: Gregory L. Cabanban and Esterlita D. Tinong


“Our vision is to build a Davaoneos community that creates a big impact to our fellow OFWs in the UAE, to promote the beauty of our culture and to our very own Davao region as a tourist destination. We fully support our beloved President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and are proud that he is from our hometown,” the Davaoeno added.

Philippine Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes, together with his wife, Yasmin Balajadia-Cortes, attended the launch and shared an inspiring message to the newly founded group.

He stressed members to stay true to themselves and not forget where they truly come from as a Filipino.

“In order to help our fellow Filipinos who are distressed, we need to be sure of who we are and where we come from,” he stated.

The official noted that although the Philippines may consist of multiple languages and regions, we are all Filipinos and the different languages and regions are a part of who we are. The differences in languages or regions are also an important part of our identity aside from being a Filipino.

Cortes shared that there  are currently around 50 Filipino organizations listed in the PCG but there are over 550,000 Filipinos in the Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

“In every Filipino event, I see the same faces present which is only about 1,000. Where are the rest of the 549,000?” he said.

The consul general shared that the PCG encourages every single Filipino in the country to get involved in any of their events citing the monthly town hall meetings as an example.

He said that he would love to meet every single Filipino in the country and hoped that he does through Filipino events such as the Bayanihan or the monthly town hall meeting.

“We have to remember that we are all the same in this country. I am also here to work just like you are,” he mentioned.

He added that as “we are all temporary in the country, we also have to follow the laws and regulations of the host country as law abiding residents.”

Matiga mentioned that for those Davaoenos who are interested in joining the organization may go to their official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Davaoe%C5%88os-UAE-1457149014306912/ and message directly there to get more information.

“To all my fellow Davaoenos-UAE let us soar high towards a productive and fruitful community,” she concluded.

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