– The aspiring Model

Age: 25

Height: 5’5”

Current Location: Abu Dhabi

Philippine Hometown: Quezon City

Hobbies: Listening to music and playing basketball

Job: Office Clerk

Company: National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels, Abu Dhabi

OFWs around the globe are considered the modern-day heroes for their sacrifices they have invested for their family and the country. Faith, endurance, and financial awareness are the few factors that must be considered in order to become a successful individual working abroad. Meet our Branded Pinoy of the Week Daryl who always moves five steps forward to make sure of his victory against any obstacles while working abroad.

What’s inside your bag? 

When I carry my bag, it normally contains my phones, wallet with my important ID’s and my power bank.

What electronic gadgets are you currently using? 

I am using iPhone for my personal use and Samsung for my work related activities.

 What’s inside your closet?

Inside my closet are my long sleeves, polo shirts, my casual and formal attires and my sportswear for basketball.

What is your favorite style of clothing?

For me, as long as I am comfortable, I feel clean and confident to wear the clothes, it always surely work with me.

What clothing brand do you think closely fit your sense of fashion? 

For formal and casual, I go for Pierre Cardin and Polo.

What is your favorite perfume?

I have been using Lacoste White, Lacoste Red, and Polo Sport perfumes. I stick to these brands because of their long lasting scents.

What is your favorite brand of shoes?

For casual and sporty shoes, I am happy with Jordan and Nike. While for my formal shoes, I always pick shoes from Hush Puppies and Rockport. Those brands always meet my expectations in shoes.

Are you a shopaholic?

No, I’m not. I am not an impulsive consumer because I only purchase stuffs which are important and I don’t go beyond my budget.

What inspires or influences you to buy an item?

Being the breadwinner in the family, I implement discipline for myself, especially in financial matters. My top priority is always my family’s needs that strongly affects my way of budgeting and purchasing something. But generally speaking, it all depends on my budget.

What brand do you trust for your skin care?

My skin is honestly quite sensitive. I use only skin care products that are being recommended by dermatologists.

What is a Branded Pinoy for you?

Branded Pinoy for me is someone who is capable of showing oneself in a unique way. This column is so interesting because of the opportunity for us to share our knowledge and characters to others. Apart from that, it also reveals our secrets in choosing the right brands that might help others. Being an OFW, I consider myself a modern-day hero of my country.


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