by Angelo Cabrera

talented wonder kid who excels in the things that she loves to be — that is 10-year-old Jasryl Mignonette Salvador. This little girl can sing, dance, draw and face the audience with shining confidence, the spotlights bringing out the best in her.

It almost seems like she was born for the stage and the lights — born to be a star.

“I started singing when I was three. My mom used to let me sing in karaoke whenever we have occasions at home although I didn’t know how to read yet during that time,” Jasryl said, sharing how she and her parents discovered her love for singing.

“My family and friends are supportive of me 101 percent. Since the day I started singing, they were always there to cheer for me and support me. My mom always prepares the things I need to wear and use every performance and she’s my coach in singing as she also sings, herself. She also chooses the songs suited for my voice. My dad, of course, is my number one fan. He always allows and supports me whenever I join singing competition and singing endeavors,” she continued.

Other talented kids won’t focus much on their studies once they find something they are really good at and quite passionate about, but not Jasryl — she’s not just a budding A-list performing artist, she’s also an ‘A’ student in her class.

“So far, I’m doing well. Amidst these various competitions, I didn’t neglect my studies. In fact, I even surpassed my academic rank when I first studied here in 2015, transferring from the Philippines. When I was in Grade 3, I ranked Top 3 among 120 students and in Grade 4, I was the Top One over-all. Now that I’m in Grade 5, I will try to maintain to be in the honors’ list so my family will be proud of me. As my mom always reminds me, ‘studies should be my priority,” added Jasryl, a student of the Philippine Emirates Private School in Abu Dhabi.

With her confidence and bright mind, Jasryl has notched several awards at school and kids’ competition in the UAE. Among her most notable win was in the recently concluded Cute Little Mr. and Ms. Philippines 2017 Season 2. 

“I never imagined myself joining a pageant and do ramp modelling in front of many people and answering in the Q and A portion where questions are on-the-spot. Also, it’s very memorable because I won the major awards like the Best in Talent, Best in Casual Wear and Best in Gown, and of course, the Crown for Cute Little Miss Philippines Senior,” Jasryl exclaimed.

“But more importantly, what’s unforgettable about this experience is I got to meet new friends and had fun moments with them.”

Jasryl is keeping her dreams of what she would like to be when she grows up quite open — though her love for the stage and the lights seem to have grown in her. 

“I wanted to become a doctor someday because I want to take care of my parents when they get sick and grow old. Of course, I wanted to help those underprivileged who cannot afford medical treatments in our home country,” she said.

“Also, if will be given the opportunity to be a famous singer, I would also pursue this dream. I’ve always wanted to entertain people, to inspire them through my singing and of course to make my family proud of me,” Jasryl concluded.


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