Al Ain Badminton Club launches 1st invitational tournament

Abu Dhabi – Dubbed “Bonz @ 51st”, the 1st Invitational badminton tournament launched by Al Ain Badminton Club gathered 156 players from Abu Dhabi and Dubai just recently at the Falaj, Hazza Al Ain casting the Super Cool, Arbab Badminton Club, Badminton Queing and 4B Badminton clubs.

SPORTS - AL AINThe purpose of the tournament was to create a wider network of badminton groups in UAE and for the host group to gain friendly encounter and rapport in the sports with other clubs.

“The event gathered badminton enthusiasts in UAE and we see it an opportunity to build stronger relationships among Filipinos and with other nationality. Hopefully, a bigger tournament will be launched with bigger number of players,” said Annalee Cariazo, one of the organizers of the tournament.

The event which was played in 78 pairs consisted of 4 levels (B+, B, C, & D) with three categories in all levels (Mixed Doubles, Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles). It ran a 12-hour spontaneous game without any record of serious injury.

“We had a successful ‘start to finish’ one-day tournament because participants were aware and followed the court’s Dos and Don’ts orders. We are thankful for our sponsors and players who took part of the badminton event,” Cariazo added.

Proclaimed winners were:

Mixed Doubles B+, Champion:  Cedric and Steph; 1st Runner-up: Raymund and Mikmik

Men’s Doubles B+, Champion:  Cedric and Jay-r; 1st runner-up: Raja and Ayro

Mixed Doubles B, Champion: Raymund and Rijean ; 1st runner-up: Jay-r and Marge

Men’s Doubles B, Champion: Mark and Percivic; 1st runner-up: Arnold and Ervin

Women’s Doubles B, Champion: Ayro and Michelle; 1st runner-up: Donna and Donita

Mixed Doubles C, Champion:  Ajay and Rijean; 1st runner-up: Raj and Sabreena

Men’s Doubles C, Champion: Anil and Prathyush; 1st runner-up: Dem and Jerome

Women’s Doubles C, Champion: Marge and Lilian; 1st runner-up: Grace and Verie

Mixed Doubles D, Champion: Aiza and Joey; 1st runner-up: Grace and Jonjon

Men’s Doubles D, Champion: Mark and Alechon; 1st runner-up Rowell & and Ajay

Women’s Doubles D, Champion: Shirley and Neth; 1st runner-up Mechee and Aiza


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