AD Police: Call ‘999’ in case of emergency

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DUBAI – An official from the Abu Dhabi police urge residents to only call their Monitoring Control Centre if it is a real emergency. Non-urgent calls will only waste time and effort for those who are in need of help.

LOCAL - AD POLICEAccording to the authority, they received a total of 2,476,382 telephone calls on their “999” emergency hotline over the period of seven months with 980,066 from Abu Dhabi, 415,330 from Al Ain, 80,986 from Al Dhafra, and the rest from the other Emirates.

Colonel Nasser Al Maskari, Director of the Operations Department of the Abu Dhabi Police, said in a report that the calls were mixed ranging from traffic and criminal reports to inquiries from the public asking for travel directions, and women asking for help after their vehicles broke down.

The “999” center works 24 hours a day through a high-tech electronic system with an advanced database to receive urgent calls.

Through the system, the operations department would then direct police patrol authorities to the site the moment they receive the calls and then coordinate with other units if needed such as the Air Wing, Community Police, Quick Intervention Unit, Civil Defense, Traffic Patrols, Ambulance and Rescue, Crime Scene and other departments.

Al Maskari mentioned that the public should not hesitate to call their “999” hotline to ask for help when faced with a real emergency which is duly dedicated to them.

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