Abu Dhabi  It was a close encounter between finalists Abe Clairke and OG Knights at the beginning of the championship game of the Community Basketball League (CBL) Streetball category played at the International Community School in the capital on Friday, June 16.

SPORTS - ABE Clairke -champions of the CBL Streetball tournament
ABE Clairke -champions of the CBL Streetball tournament

With much enthusiasm, ABE started to pull away with 9 big points to end the second quarter with a 37-25 score and defended its lead in the third ending it with a 56-45.

Jeff de Gracia, Jay dela Cruz, and Christopher Gonzales shone in the game chasing equally skillful Knights like Jet Redulla, Erick Remegio, and Kareem Saupi.

OG Knights were hopeful of maintaining its dominance but ABE continued to increase its lead to 20 points to end the game at 86-66.

ABE named champions of the recently concluded CBL’s Streetball category while OG Knights were 1st-runner up. All players received medals and both teams received trophies for their winning rank.

Mythical players of the season were Christopher Gonzales (ABE – Season Most Valuable Player); Eric Remigio (OG Knights); Alain Donan (OG Knights); Noel Gutierez (OG Knights); Jay dela Cruz (ABE) and Finals Most Valuable Player Jeff de Gracia.

“The category Streetball is typically played in outdoor courts. The primary objective in forming the tournament is for the players to showcase their individual skills in an open playing court of different types of spectators,” said coach Jaime “Jim” Oliva who spearhead the CBL tournament.



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