DUBAI – The main leaders across the GCC and other countries of the Philippine Institute of Certified Quantity Surveyors (PICQS) have recently gathered at Movenpick Hotel in Jumeirah, Dubai for their annual national board meeting.

Filipino leaders from Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore, New Zealand, Philippines and UAE laid out their accomplishments and financial reports, among others, during the past couple of years, along with other members.

Each leader has also mentioned their future plans for their members.

They have also been pushing through to imply quality surveyor as a unit in universities in the Philippines.

The leaders have also updated about their charitable activities in the Philippines, such as giving scholars to deserving students.

Moreover, PICQS-UAE announced that majority of its activities in the future are linked with Abu Dhabi’s Bayanihan Council.

PICQS is an organization open to Filipino citizens who are quality-surveyors-trained engineers. Currently, it has about 1,200 members worldwide with chapters in the United Kingdom, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, North America, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines. It was incorporated in the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission with Philippines as its territorial base.


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