Abu Dhabi — In an effort to widen job opportunities for Filipinos, specifically in the medical field, a six-month caregiving program has been realized and launched to the first batch of 25 Filipinos which trainings are held Fridays with Orient MCT and on-job trainings are set to be conducted at Universal Hospital in capital.

‘’This training program will open doors of opportunities to Filipinos who wish to make a significant career change and further have the option to migrate to Canada, UK and US as professional caregivers,’’ said Orient MCT CEO Nauman Ahmad who supported and tapped a number of Filipino organizations for training endeavours.

Although the initiative is open to any professional level, the caregiving program has also allowed Filipino overseas household workers to elevate their career standards in a platform that suits to their time requirement and financial capabilities.

‘’Caregiving is not a structured program compared to bachelor’s degree. Somebody can care, somebody can perform the caregiving tasks once they learn the basics. But we want to change this perception by giving a well-planned program that will conclude with a positive job landing,’’ said Dr. Shabeer Nellikode, Founder & Managing Director of Universal Hospital – a partner for the Filipino caregiver graduates.

‘’I think this is a great initiative, and I believe there is lot of future because there is a real requirement. I’m happy that I work with the great team of Filipinos. From our side we are very positive and we will try to help them as much as possible,’’ he added.

The course package includes the Basic Life support training, caregiving kit, caregiving uniform, caregiving manual, caregiving certificate with TOR and on Job-Training program. Scholarships will also be given to deserving & qualified Filipinos.


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