Educators share pointers on how to get admitted

DUBAI – Filipino educators in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) revealed that Filipinos can attain higher education in the country without having to break the bank.

The professionals advise Pinoy parents in the country how to get their children who had just graduated from high school into universities in the country.

BANNER 2 - Nino Decenorio, Vice President, Bath Spa University
Nino Decenorio, Vice President, Bath Spa University

Nino Decenorio, vice president of Bath Spa University in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Future Training Services Ajman, shared that many universities offer scholarship programs.

“Choosing the right university or college in UAE must be very challenging for our Filipino parents. First, they need to know whether the institution is legitimate and has the proper licenses to offer degree programs,” he told Kabayan Weekly.

The educator further advised Pinoy parents to be cautious of fraudulent institutions that may offer degree programs but are only permitted to run short courses.

Decenorio mentioned that they instead should take advantage of the universities that offer scholarships without any hidden agenda, a scholarship that their children will enjoy until they complete their program.

“Parents should do extensive research about the institution to know its reputation or standing nationally and internationally,” he added.

It was also important that parents take the time to meet academic counselors to discuss all areas of academics and fees.

The Filipino stressed that it was very vital for parents to understand their children when it comes to choosing their university or college as it leaves an impact on their future.

“Parents are strong influences and great shapers of their children’s destiny,” Decenorio concluded.

For her part, Sharon Mendoza Dreisbach, an assistant professor from Skyline University, said that after talking to their children of what they have chosen to study, they should also respect the decision of their children as much as possible.

“The practicality of getting the right job after graduation [is just as important],” she told Kabayan Weekly.

If parents are not able to make their children pursue their bachelor’s degree after weighing in the advantages and disadvantages in terms of financial capability, the Filipina professor advised them to take short courses offered by accredited universities that are affordable.

She cited short courses such as Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) as examples that guarantee their children are employed in the UAE.

“Parents should seek advice from the right professionals who can guide them to a better university for their child. This will give parents the peace of mind that their child is studying in the right university,” Dreisbach said, noting that doing so would motivate their children to strive harder in their studies.

Another Filipino educator, Anne Gloghienette O. Perez, an Assistant Professor at Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai, reminded parents to guide their children as early as high school. Preparation is key and getting it done early makes a huge difference.

“I believe parents should start the guidance during high school days, asking children what their dreams are, what they see themselves 5-10 years from now, what is their desired profession. Parents should start at an early stage to motivate their children to have good grades and get a good grade point average (GPA) as this is one of the requirements to enter a good university and some courses required quota grades,” she told Kabayan Weekly.

Parents must support their children in scouting different courses and universities including looking for apartments or accommodation, especially if the university is far from home.

Perez urged parents to not dictate what course their children should take but allow their children to choose freely on their own.

“I believe, being open to children helps both to compromise things especially for families living abroad where the lifestyle is different from home country. For expatriate parents, constant communication and good conversation with their children regarding independent living, living cost, budget of money, friendships and relationships, study habit, safety, and above all, not to forget, our Almighty, will surely help their children prepare them for getting into Universities,” she added.


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