From Office Assistant to Supervisor, hardworking mom shines in Dubai’s food industry

FEATUREManila-born Ma. Lorenza Z. Dela Cruz was hired to work as part of various pre-opening teams for restaurants in Manila and Dubai.  Honey, as she is affectionately known, was deeply involved in the operation of Relik Tapas Bar in the Philippines. She was among the first group of workers in the soft opening of JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, the world’s tallest and biggest hotel chain. This year, she continues to shine as she was again offered by the owner of Cuisinero Uno to be its Supervisor.  It’s like building a family with a new name.

First job

In the Philippines, her first job was as office assistant at Jasa Electronics Corporation. “We were into buy and sell of computer hardware and software products. I was promoted twice as logistic officer then as marketing and purchasing officer for its local and international operations. Then, my second work was as Executive Legal Secretary to Emeritus Judge Manuel Calanog, Jr. and lawyer Howard M. Calleja, Jr.”

After gaining exposures in the local setting, she felt it was time for her to seek greener pastures.

Value the customer

She is currently employed as Pre-opening Supervisor of Cuisinero Uno located at second floor of Steigenberger Hotel “We believe we should value the money our customers pay by making sure our offers are worth the price.  I’m sure this will benefit us and the company where we get our salary to support ourselves and our loved ones. The success of our company is also our success. The most important thing is to lead by example through which they can mirror themselves.  I have to be open and engaged with anyone because whatever I have that everyone’s longing to be is a blessing coming from our Almighty God. I have been in my present position because of the experiences I had in the past and as a result of my determination and hard work. I’d like to share these to everyone so it will become a legacy.”

“In Cuisinero Uno, there is love and passion for every piece we do. We value even more our mission to ‘create an innovative platform that showcases our passion for the food industry’ by working with different nationalities which represent unity regardless of our indifferences.”

Respect and trust

“I value most the company’s respect and trust given to me which empower and give me strength to do the best I can and perform my job easily. From the bottom of my heart, I will be forever thankful that I can deal not only with my kababayan but also with various personalities we have.

“Every day in my life is a blessing. Everything around me means how blessed I am although I live in Dubai alone without any member of my immediate family here. My family is my source of strength that inspires me no matter how hard life is and although I am longing to be in a place I want. The only choice is to be thankful that somehow I am healthy, having a good job and friends around me to cover all the loneliness I feel every day. The company is my immediate family. The staff and friends in this industry are the keys of my success. My love for my job is my happiness. Right after I was presented the La Sial Award, I received several offers. Unexpectedly, good things came by a surprise.”

With or without nothing

“I am eldest in the family. I have two sibling. We were raised properly by our parents. They taught us the value of living with and without anything. They guided us to ‘work for what you want because nothing in this world is free’ for even love, we need to earn it before we will have it. I am thankful that I never experienced stress coming from my family especially with financial obligations.

 “My greatest experience in life is when I became a mother. I thank Joel Custodio that he is the father of my children. I thank God for what I have become today. If I will be given a chance to choose the way I grew, I will choose the same thing. I am nothing without all these. God led me to where I am now through my ups and downs in the past. I am in a way where my Creator led me.  I will be thankful and accept with two open arms and embrace whatever God has in store for me”.

By: Yul Espartero


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