FIL ACHIEVERServing others is her passion. She has seen it in her parents while she was growing up. And now, Daisy Calabia, the Operations Manager of Rice Me Up Café, is an active volunteer of the Filipino Association for Career Excellence (FACE)–UAE, helping Filipinos by giving them opportunities and grooming them to choose a better workplace and somehow let them grow professionally and personally.

Hailing from Bataan, a province situated in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines, Calabia, was a volunteer for the non-profit, non-religious and non-political group, gives her fulfilment.

She is an active member of the Filipino group for a couple of years now.

“Year 2011 when I joined and become active volunteer of the FACE-UAE and it makes me proud to be a part of such commendable organization,” she said.

Aside from grooming their members, the group also supports groups in the Philippines to construct schools, donate for school repair, distribute school supplies and financial support during calamities in the Philippines.

They try to inculcate things to their members what mostly matters in the UAE such as handling computers, dealing with clerical jobs, doing general accounting, among others. They usually train Filipinos who are earning a small salary or on the lower rungs of the business organization.

The operations manager also mentioned that she has found her second family through this group.

Calabia graduated at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Bataan as an Industrial Engineer. Before venturing to her current position, she has had dealt in different work fields including sales, procurement, production and office works.

In the late 1990s, she initially started to work as a janitress at Bataan Rubber, Incorporated in the Philippines, but determined to be on a higher position, she was then appointed as the Line Leader.

After working there for almost four years, she applied for different positions in the Philippines including Quality Controller, Production Engineer, Purchasing Staff, Assistant Production Manager, Branch Manager, and Customer Service Associate on different eminent companies based in the Philippines before the first quarter of 2010.

In 2010, aside from wanting to transfer in a more stable company, she migrated to Dubai to be with her niece and nephews. 

For four years, she worked as a Purchasing Manager at Al Badiya General Trading. She then transferred and worked as a Purchasing Officer at the Dubai Airport Free Zone for a couple of months.

Competency and hard-work gave her the key to work as Purchasing Officer in Al Sarh Contracting for about a year.

And now, after an almost two-year separation, she’s now back at Al Badiya General Trading working as the operations manager of Rice Me Up Café in Burjuman. Her main task is to control the expenses, manage the people and increase monthly sales.

According to her, she gains more acquaintances by working and serving the Filipino community.

Popular for serving Filipino cuisines such as kare-kare, ginataan, bibingka, among others, Calabia said that her current work also lets other nationalities understand the culture of the Philippines through the kinds of food they serve.

With her position now, she can settle down but she chooses to help her fellowmen through teaching and encouraging them to get out from their comfort zones.

Her advice to those considering the same career path is to focus more and don’t be discouraged by failure and “instead learn from it.”

“Never stop to learn new things and be open to suggestion of others, always consider new ideas and do not be afraid to share your skills to someone as the best success in life is helping others to succeed and improve their living,” she added.

With over 16 years of working experiences combined, Calabia said that she is in a place where she never expected to be.

“Comparing my life before, I can say that I am far now in terms of career and personal life,” she said.

Because of her strong guts, she achieved this reputation.

“I don’t stop learning and discovering new things,” she said saying that she is a risk taker and adventurer as well.

Asked what’s her greatest achievement is, she said: “Greatest achievement is the community service [because it fulfills me] seeing our fellow Filipinos achieving their goal with my help through the mercy of the Almighty.” 


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